0Fishing the Dry Tortugas is an adventure all on its own. Some of the finest bottom fishing in the world. People travel from far and wide to experience the untouched fishery. This is a fishing expedition. When we fish the Tortugas we mix a variety of fishing into the trip. We spend part of the trip trolling for blue water species and then we bottom fish all night and thence bottom fish all day.

There are several different fisheries all wrapped into one. The drift bottom fishing for Grouper and Snapper is a blast. Maybe you’d like to spend time chumming up the Flag Yellowtail and Mutton Snapper on the hook, Or maybe you have your heart set on deep dropping for Golden Tile and Snowy Grouper. Trolling for Wahoo on the drop, We will fish from 1,000 feet into 25 feet to chase your bounty. The Blind Squirrel is equipped with all the equipment you could need from spinning rods to high speed conventional with braid for bottom fishing to commercial deep drop electric bandit reels. We run our trips differently from other other boats, we don’t charge extra for fishing gear or using the electric reels or bringing a mate it is all included. We run with a three man crew and fish hard core, 24 hours a day. You are always welcome to bring your own gear but we have you covered.

Two day Dry Tortuga trips leave at 7PM the night before the trip. You go out and have a nice dinner get the boat loaded up and we leave at sunset and travel to the fishing grounds while you sleep. When you wake up in the morning we are bottom fishing all day then all thru the night. In the morning we head out to the blue water and troll for Pelagic on our way home. You will arrive back at the dock around 4PM depending on fishing. On a two day trip you bottom fish for a day and a night and then troll the blue water home. Trolling back we target Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin , King Mackerel and even Sailfish if the season is right.

Example of a two day trip

Leave Friday night 7PM

Arrive at the Dry Tortugas Saturday in the morning

Bottom Fish all night Saturday

Sunday morning begin the blue water troll for home

Arrive back at the dock at approx. 4PM Sunday

Pricing for a two day trip is $10,300 for up to 8 persons

Each additional angler is $500

Max of 10 passengers

Three day Dry Tortugas Trips leave at 7AM on day one and troll to the fort catching Blue Water Pelagics. We arrive at the fort and bottom fish all night. Then day two we bottom fish all day, occasionally trolling for Wahoos or other Pelagics moving from spot to spot. The night of day two we bottom fish all night.

Morning of day three we begin the troll for home in the blue water. Arriving back at the dock at approximately 4PM. The advantage of a three day trip is it just gives us more time to get to do so many different fisheries in different areas. We even venture out to Pulley Ridge for deep dropping excitement.

There are other great locations for deep dropping as well. For extended trips or maybe even marrying a center console to split the party and fish wildly different areas, Let us know we can make it happen.

Pricing for a three day trip is $13,300 for up to 8 persons
Each additional angler is $500
Max of 10 passengers

We have even had some charters request a chef on board for their enjoyment. If you let us know we can get it all arranged.